canada: first impressions.












first time seeing a school bus like that in real life. 









@dewies with my roommate steph <3.


I'm here since 15 days...wait what?! It seems like I've just arrived yet I feel so home! I think this is especially due to the best roommates ever: Mariyam, Hailey and Steph! I love you guys so much and I am so thankful to have you as my roommates! 
I couldn't update the blog because my first week was just complete madness. I had to do a group case analysis of 15 pages in Englisch, first week, holyy! But we did it, our presentation was really good and I hope that all the work will pay off in the end. My Englisch gets better day by day (don't judge if I make mistakes every now and then though...).

I will try to make updates here every week even though I don't have a professional camera with me (these are all iPhone-pics, I'm so sorry guys). I joined the photography club, maybe they can help me out! 

sending lots of love to al corners of the world! 




Is there anything better than taking pictures of your favorite person in the most beautiful surrounding ever? I don't think so.
Girl, your are so beautiful inside and out. I really love you and I'll be always there for you. 

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botanical garden berlin.

This place is important to me. Why? Because I basically grew up in the Botanical Garden in Berlin. We used to live right across the street and my mom would take us every single day on walks in there. I highly recommend to everyone who's visiting Berlin for a couple of days to check it out. It is such a beautiful place! The greenhouses are amazing (every single one representing a different country or climatic area)  and apparently the main tropical greenhouse is one of the largest in the world!

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We went through so and downs, but especially ups. It was all worth it. I think I never had a friendship like this one. I can't even think about not having you in my life. It seems like you've been around forever! They say if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, it will last a lifetime. 

I love you girl. 



Tobi is a really special person to me. We don't know each other for that long but it feels like our friendship existed forever. He is the best listener I've ever met and always so mindful. 

So I took him on a little ride around Bamberg and we found some beautiful places to take photos. While driving we were listening to Tor's album "Blue Book" which reminded us of our time in Turkey. It's such a deep and wonderful album so definitely check it out. 

I wish you all the best for your internship in Berlin, see you soon. 






hey there!